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TAIFUNO®vision - the Premium Class

The high-tech spray booth with navigation system.

TAIFUNO®vision is the new generation of TAIFUNO® spray booths.

Future technologies like Red-Eye® for recording the object temperature, VARIO© - the dynamic heat recovery throughout the year or the integration of alternative energies make TAIFUNO®vision to a premium-class high-tech product.

The experience gained by far more than 1000 realized TAIFUNO®-booths and consistent developing work mark the current standard of booth technology.

WOLF - a family business.


From a small plumbing to the brand.

The history begins with a small handicraft business, Anton Wolf founded 1950 in Geisenfeld.

The headquarters of the company in the Hallertau, the largest hop-growing region in the world, caused the company's founder to deal with the development and construction of hops kilns. When the amount of workers for manual hops harvesting decreased, WOLF developed the first German hop-picking machine in the 50s.


Towards the end of the 50s the manufacture of air heaters and hot air generators for industrial use began: the entrance into air conditioning.

In 1972 WOLF began with the production of painting and drying booths for refinishing and started the division Surface Technology.

In the early 60s entered Ing. (VDI) Deml Erich and in the 70s Josef Richtsfeld the company.


Production of hops molding machines in 1958



Today the company is managed by the directors Erich G.Deml, Viktor Richtsfeld, Erich Obster as well as Martin Neubauer.

Since the fondation the company was orientated in forward-looking, market-oriented development

From research and development, planning, design, manufacturing to installation and customer service everything is in one hand. Planning and construction take place exclusively in-house.

Over the years WOLF Geisenfeld developed from a familiar handicraft business to a medium-sized industrial enterprise.

Production of hop-picking machines in 1960


Production in Geisenfeld

Currently around 280 people, mainly from the region, contribute to the success of the company.

The interplay of innovative ideas, continuous product development, advanced manufacturing and production technology and not least, commitment and loyalty of employees has enabled success to date.

The production takes place with the most modern CNC manufacturing and processing machinery in conjunction with a CAD - bending cell. The premises now covers a total area of ​​around 93,000 m², of which about 25,000 m² covered.


Products by WOLF

Reliable factory intern installation and customer service teams provide the installation, erection, commissioning, service and supply of spare parts of plants and machinery on site. The worldwide distribution takes place depending on the nature of the product, partly by specialist companies, partly directly through a proprietary distribution network.

There are patent and property rights inland and abroad.

Quality Management

Quality is when the customer comes back, not the product. Therefore quality management is practiced according to the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001.

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